This special section includes many photos sent to us over the years from fans and friends and players the world over…thank you for sharing them with us! If you have any new photos, please send to (Thanks, Cindy)!


This special section includes many photos sent to us over the years from fans and friends and players the world over…thank you for sharing them with us! If you have any new photos, please send to (Thanks, Cindy)!

Bob with Just Jazz Guitar Publisher (and long-time friend!) Ed Benson, Savannah, March 30, 2018 (photo by Sally Krissman)

Pat Martino model in Autumnburst. These guitars are phenomenal, and the jazz "feel" associated with both of them are "spot-on." Truly gorgeous instruments - in both appearance and tone. Many thanks Leonard DeLoma, Academic Facilitator, First Ward Creative Arts Academy, NC

Norbert Jansen's Benedetto collection

Andy and Patty Paul with Karl Cossio - Savannah Jazz Festival 2009

A Bill Neale Merry Christmas 2010 with his Benedetto collection

Peter Morrison with Bambino S1422 Dec. 2009

Steve Bravante of Archtops West with Howard Paul, 2009

"I am still on honeymoon with my Benedetto La Venezia. Bob's guitar is an inexhaustible source of inspiration." - Guitarist Dominique Chartier with his new LA VENEZIA photo by Dominique's son François

Broadway composer, playwright, singer, musician, actor Jim Wann on stage with his BRAVO

"I love my new 'Bravo', Thanks!" James Burns , Vancouver, BC, 2011

Benedetto Bravo Deluxe custom Serial #S1706 (in 'Chinery Blue') made for Dr Jack Harris 2009

I bought the 7-string guitar and am thrilled by it; exchanged a few friendly e-mails with Danny McKnight and illustrate in the attachment the peculiar magic of your instruments. I was sitting on my back porch picking (about six blocks from Wrigley Field) on St. Pat's day when the other fellow in the unlikely duet pictured wandered up the alley. Thanks again, Mike Bieniek, 2012

Hello Howard, Lincoln had his 40th yesterday, received his Benedetto & the reaction was totally priceless! He is over the moon, lol! So, thank you to everyone for making a very beautiful guitar for a very special man who idolizes Benedetto. A dream came true. Kindest regards, Lynette Clark

From our good friend and the amazing guitarist BILL PURSE, donning Bob’s apron from the NATIONAL GUITAR MUSEUM exhibit in Pittsburgh 2012

Norbert Zimmerman with Claret BRAVO 2009

Mark Carlisle with 1990 Cremona (serial #20590) Memorial Day 2016

"When Sunny got Blue!" Michael Atkinson, Australia, with his Blue Bravo

Mad for our Manhattan! Fan at BG Clinic in Memphis 3-26-11

Neil Lamb with his Nylon 7-String that he's named 'Jamenco' Oct. 2011

Professor David Botham with his Manhattan Feb 2009, England

Edward Ellington (yup, from the famous Ellingtons!), Trumpets, NYC, with his Fratello

Rick Haydon in 2009 with his 1992 custom 7-String

"Your guitar brings me happiness and joy. The sound removes sadness and pain, gives courage. Best regards, Toshimasa Sekine (at my new house in Japan)." Shown with his Bambino Deluxe S1996 with flamed Walnut top in Feb. 2012 (Toshi's home was destroyed in the Kyoto Earthquake)

One of my students has the mirror matching Bambino to mine. One of these is the 'evil twin' I'm sure. ;-) Benedetto Player Bert Ligon, USC SCHOOL OF MUSIC; Jazz, Columbia, SC. (Feb 2012)

It is double the blessing to have such a finely made thing as my Gypsy in this environment! My "fan club" Alexandra is from Croatia and is a contract worker here. I wanted to include her, the humvee and a pillbox and barbed wire, just to show a slice of life here at Afghanistan. FRED CALE August 2012

In late February, I flew to Studio Trilogy in San Francisco to record a jazz quartet CD for use in TV and Film. We recorded 14 original jazz tracks that my partner John Mazzei and I composed. Attached is a photo from the video we shot at the session. I played my Bravo Deluxe Seven String and had three channels of guitar. (amp miked, guitar miked and direct line) The guitar sounds great!!! I hope to hear the music we recorded on TV in the not too distant future. Chuck Schlacter

ARCH ART - Artsy photo duo of Bjorn Eide-Olsen's Bravo Deluxe and Benny

"...plays, sounds and looks stunning! Remarkable look, craftsmanship, playability, sound and sustain. Thank you, Bob:) I also want to thank you all for the great service you provide. E.g. Howard answers my many questions immediately around the clock, and Stephanie sent me picture with Bob and the Benny.)" Bjorn Eide-Olsen 2012 (with Bravo Deluxe and Benny)

Your service and treatment are awesome and the guitar is incredible too. Plays like a dream. Best wishes for your business. The instrument is comfortable, great sound, great finish and looking. Best regards, Jaime Foriscot, Spain (Bravo S2036, Antique Burst) July 2012

Chris Duffy from Australia with his Bravo Deluxe

Andrew Guyton with 1979 Benedetto ARTIST model Serial #4079

"What a Christmas for me this year! Thanks again!!!!" Collector Patrick Marcotte with his Benedetto PAT MARTINO model, Serial #S2098 (Dec 2012)

New York 7-String guitarist Bob Einfrank with his Benedetto 7-String

MAN'S BEST FRIENDS....a dog and a Benedetto! Photo by Jack Harris 2013

"Thanks to Benedetto Guitars for building such a fantastic instrument." British Guitarist Sam Dunn with his Benedetto Bambino Deluxe 2013 (soon to be on tour in Australia with Judy Carmichael)

Me with my beautiful Benedetto Bravo (#S1616): The photo was taken at my last concert with my jazz quintet CETRI at "La Divina Comedia" pub in Turin. Thanks a lot ciao! Gianni Santoro (Feb 2013)

"The Bambino sounded great playing some really creative music at the last house concert with part of my ensemble, the Variable Density Sound Orchestra. These are among the best players of improvised music in Boston: Jacob William - bass, Charlie Kohlhase - alto, Todd Brunel - bass clarinet, Jerry Sabatini - trumpet." Photo by Rossetti 2013

Stefan Gaspar with one of his custom Benedettos... "I thought you might enjoy the attached photo. Sorry I was not smiling. I must have been playing one of my very complicated licks!" March 2013

Mauro de Federicis with Benedetto Bambino model

Trio of Benedetto Guitars OWNED BY KAZUHIKO ITO - longtime friend and fan of Benedetto Guitars! Birds eye #3879 (Far left), Manhattan #32394 (center), Bravo Deluxe 7-string #S2119 (right) From Kazu: "Back then, now, and into the future, Benedetto Guitars will always be my special treasure.From Japan, here's hoping that Bob and Cindy will always remain in good health and be able to enjoy making guitars." Many thanks for the kind words, Kazu! June 2013

87 Years Young and Sounding Great! Blackie Nelson, playing his Benedetto Bravo Deluxe in Bozeman, Montana on a television gig. June 2013. Bravo, Blackie! ;-)

Austin Texas jazz guitarist Randy Larkin with his Benedetto Bravo archtop. (2013)

Michael Di Cocco with his Benedetto Bravo Deluxe Custom Autumn Burst - Serial #S2133

Hi Howard, Attached is a picture of me, my dad (also Joe Cassano) and the Benedetto Bravo he so generously gave to me. This was his second Benedetto (he also had a Benedetto Bambino Deluxe). I am very proud to own this guitar and feel like I am part of a really great club! Christmas 2013

Barry Greene, Howard Alden with Jonathan Jacobs (and his new Benedetto Bravo Elite) - Jacksonville, FL April 2014

Akio Kimura of Japan with his Benedetto Bravo Deluxe in Autumnburst (Serial #S2181) May 2014

US Army National Guard Bandsman SSG Randy Klingbeil performs on his Army-issued Benedetto Bambino Elite model! April 2014

Brian Fitzgerald (with with his Benedetto BRAVO 7-string - photo by r.r.jones 2014

Atlanta jazz guitarist Bob Shaw and Bob Benedetto, Benedetto Guitars, Savannah GA circa 2008

Norbert Jansen’s friend Joep van Leeuwen with the original "peach" Benedetto 40th Anniversary Bambino guitar in Dusseldorf 2014

Bravo to Rich W. of Pennsylvania for this Jazz Trio photo! Benedetto Guitar (Pat Martino Signature), Benedetto Gear and Benedetto Amps! Oct 2014

Neal Adams of Florida with his 1981 LIMELITE model (Serial #6681) and Bob Benedetto, Ocala, Florida, August 2014. Neal attended GIT in 1979 and met Joe Diorio who became his favorite teacher. Neal recalls Joe telling him “I’m having a real guitar made by Bob Benedetto in Clearwater.” ;-)

Knut Richter of Germany with his “new” ‘vintage’ 1995 Benedetto Manhattan archtop (Serial #34695) Dec 2014

Chuck Reiman with his 17" Slim body (Serial #2378, made in 1978) - the first Benedetto 'slim body' made

Gary Bruno with his Custom 16B 7 string at an outdoor private concert in sunny San Diego

Ivan Chiwen Liao, Assistant professor in Shanghai Conservatory of Music, with his Benedetto Bravo Elite S1176. Photo courtesy Jackson Evans, July 2012

Walter "Blackie" Nelson with his Bravo Deluxe, at his home in Helena, Montana on May 14, 2011

Guitarist Goran with his Bravo

Greg Lamy with his new Benny guitar - 2015

After nine months of playing six nights a week in a city of seven million, Hangzhou's sole young and dedicated jazz guitar student found me. He invited me to Shanghai to meet his lao shi (old master/teacher), Ivan Chiwen Liao (Assistant professor in Shanghai Conservatory of Music). I was pleasantly surprised to meet an old acquaintance of yours: Bravo Elite S1176. What a great sounding guitar! We played Autumn Leaves together; he had so much volume and clarity! Here is Ivan, Zhou Ning and myself. I leave China soon and will be back in Savannah the first week of August. JACKSON EVANS (July 2012)

Felix Hartl of Germany's first CD! His artist name is Felix Hanson and the album is called A LOVE WITHIN, dedicated to Pat Martino and features Felix's Benedetto Pat Martino Signature model on the cover. Bravo, Felix! August 2014

Steve Knight performs on his custom Benedetto 16-B in NYC Oct 2014

Gerhard Hrubes with his Benny Deluxe and bandmates of Vienna, Austria's Jazz Trio Cuvee'

Fast Eddie Preman with Benny

Blondes do have more fun - Bravo Deluxe photograph by George Hadowanetz

Ray Prosser plays his 1995 honey blonde Manhattan with the Barristers Big Band in Chicago, Fall 2011 -featuring music by George and Ira Gershwin... what is classier than that?

Music Zoo's Tommy Colletti and Bob Benedetto (with Benny!) Winter NAMM 2005 (Fender booth)

Neil Lamb records "You Go to my Head" with Nylon 7-string and Carino-12 amp 2015

"It's on our personal FB wall. So far I have gotten over 30 hits. EVERYBODY is going nuts over it!" Sam Russo with his new Aquamarine Burst Bambino Deluxe S2047.

Stefan Gaspar with his custom Benedettos 2009

Dave Scott with Bambino Deluxe Oct 2011

Mike Oria with two of his Bs