Adrian Ingram's Essentials of Jazz Guitar DVD

Benedetto Players Concert 1997

Benedetto Players Concert, Long Island, 1998

Adrian Ingram and Andy MacKenzie video

Benedetto Players Concert on Long Island, May 1999 with Adrian Ingram and Andy MacKenzie

Adrian Ingram at Benedetto Players concert at the 1999 LA Guitar Festival

Gibson L-5 book by Adrian Ingram, Centerstream Publications

Cafe Benedetto 1999 with Jack Wilkins, Andy MacKenzie and Adrian Ingram

Adrian Ingram with Benedetto Players 1998

Adrian Ingram's Gibson 335 book, Centerstream Publications

Adrian Ingram with Ron Eschete Benedetto Players Concert in LA 1999

Adrian Ingram Jazz For the Blues Guitarist DVD

1998 electric prototype (made for Adrian Ingram) and two 1992 Limelite models from the collection of Chris Davis

Great night with Jimmy Bruno Adrian Ingram Craig Thomas on bass Chris Jazz Cafe Philly 1996

Adrian Ingram at Chris' Jazz Cafe Philly 1996 - Jimmy Bruno photo

Bob Richards with carved top semi-hollow electric serial #9382 in 2018. Bob is the original owner of this 1982 guitar, one of only six made, nicknamed ‘Semi-dettos’ by guitarist/jazz guitar historian Adrian Ingram

Adrian Ingram with Martin Taylor on custom Cremona model, 1988

Adrian Ingram with Benny model