Thomas Whalen with 2005 Bravo - photo by Tomoe Ouchi

Zane Johnson with Bravo model, 2022. Photo: Chloe Swanson

Steve Knight with Benedetto 16-B - Photo by Joy Adams

7th Heaven in St Louis! Clint Hasse and Rick Haydon with their Benedetto 7-Strings, 2022 - photo by Peggy Haydon

Anthony Crescente with custom Bravo Deluxe, 2022 @acjazzguitar

Clint Hasse with his 1998 custom 18" Manhattan #42398, May 2022 - photo by Rena Hasse

Paulo Morello with Pat Martino signature model 2022

Joe Kiernan with Bambino, 2021

Yuhei Sakaibara with Benedetto 16-B, 2021

Italian Guitarist/Composer/Educator/Producer Jan Sturiale with his custom dark Violinburst Bravo, serial #S2600, 2021

Benedetto Player Todd Cowart with his Bravo and Bambino, 2021

Benedetto Player James Zito with Bambino Deluxe; 2021 photo by Gabriela Rosario

Paul Bollenback with Benedetto Bambino

Benedetto Player Carl Filipiak with 16-B, 2020

Ben Sher, Full Professor at Berklee College of Music, with Bravo model, 2020

Shawn Purcell, US Navy Band Commodores, with his Cherry Benedetto Pat Martino model, 2020

Jimmy Buffett and Howard Paul with Benedetto Guitars, Oct. 2020

Mark Strickland, Pittsburgh

New Benedetto Player Corey Christiansen with his Pat Martino model, 2020

Harry Wagg with Benedetto Bravo, 2020

Guitarist and composer Andrew Watson Saliba with Bambino Deluxe. Photo by @landonlacey

Mark Carlisle with 1990 Cremona s/n 20590 in 2016

Bob Richards with Benedetto semi-electric, 1982 (s/n 9382)

Ratthakrai Sirisook with 35th Anniversary Guitar, 2003

Greyson Boatwright with Bravo, 2019

Jocelyn Gould with her 16-B, NYC, 2019

Mate Palasti with Bambino Deluxe, 2019

Brian Fitzgerald, Artist Administrator and Education Program Coordinator,

Doug MacDonald with Bravo guitar

Pete Trias with Benedetto Cremona

Greg Lamy with Benny guitar

Davy Mooney with Bravo Deluxe 7-String, Savannah

Toronto jazz guitarist and composer Andrew Marzotto with his Benedetto Bravo

Spencer Alexander with his Bambino Deluxe, 2018 photo credit: @_julesphotography

Sam Dunn with Bravo Deluxe at Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club in London, 2019

Kyle Bryant with Bravo

Chuck Wayne with custom 1982 Benedetto, Jazz Festival 1983

Federico Lamura earned a degree at the Conservatory of Milan; he performs in Italy at jazz festivals, private events, and clubs with a Bravo Deluxe.

Omar Salazar with Benedetto Pat Martino model 2018

Bernie Williams with Fratello model at the Cafe Carlyle NYC 2018 (photo by David Andrako)

Daniel Corzo with Bravo Deluxe 7-String, 2016

Dan Faehnle Jack Wilkins and Martin Taylor Benedetto Guitars Archives banner August 2018

Chico Pinheiro and Brian Nova - 2018 Miner Benedetto Wine Release Concert - Mike Oria Photography

Yotam Silberstein with Benedetto Bravo Deluxe, LA 2018 - photo courtesy

Australian guitarist Harley Coleman with Bambino Deluxe, 2018

Lorenzo Cominoli with Bambino model; photo by Luca D'Agostino

Joe Negri Pat Martino Kenny Burrell Benedetto Archives banner July 2018

Greg Wachala with Bravo Deluxe 2018

Dan Wilson tours internationally with jazz organ legend Joey DeFrancesco. He plays a GA-35.

Rick Haydon on 7-String, 2013

John Corcoran with La Venezia, 2009

Luca di Luzio with custom Bambino Deluxe, 2017

Andreas Varady with his custom Bambino Deluxe - photo by Vojtech Hank, 2017

Italy's Carlo Pes with his custom Fratello, East Stroudsburg, PA, 1992

Van Moretti with custom 7-String, East Stroudsburg shop, June 1991

David Suyket and Bravo

Jim Fox (with custom 16-B) and Frank Sinatra, Jr.

Louie Moon with Benny

Bill Hart and Bambino Deluxe

Polly Harrison with custom 7-String 1992

Lucian Gray plays a custom Americana, 2017

James Anthony Pecchia with Benny model, Feb 2017

Bill Moio with his 16-B

Guitarist and Photographer Rick Finkelstein with his custom Bravo

Cristobal Gomez with his Bambino 2017

Joe Guerra and Joe Cassano "2 cups o' Joe" 2010

Japan's jazz great Seiji Okamura with 7-string

Chuck Schlacter with BENNY July 2009

Roger Latzgo with Manhattan, 1990s Pennsylvania

Bobby Rambo with Bravo, Dallas

Mark Strickland and Bravo

Donato Soviero (and Bravo) with James King String Duo

Wesley G with Bravo Deluxe, Germany, circa 2010

Marzio Scholten North Sea Jazz Festival 2009

Ivan Chiwen Liao, Assistant professor in Shanghai Conservatory of Music, with his Benedetto Bravo Elite S1176. Photo courtesy Jackson Evans, July 2012.

"Thanks to Benedetto Guitars for building such a fantastic instrument." British Guitarist Sam Dunn with his Benedetto Bambino Deluxe 2013

US Army National Guard Bandsman SSG Randy Klingbeil performs on his Army-issued Benedetto Bambino Elite model! April 2014

Duquesne University's RJ Zimmerman with Bambino model

Steve Watson with BRAVO

Jane Miller, Berklee College of Music, with ANDY model

7-String guitarist Michael Manderen of Oberlin College

Gonzalo Mico of Venezuela with Fratello model circa 1980

Leandro Pellegrino and Bravo

Chico Pinheiro on Bravo Elite at Miner Benedetto Wine Release Concert 2017 - Mike Oria Photography

Randy Napoleon with Bravo Deluxe

Rodney Jones

Bucky Pizzarelli Miner Benedetto Wine Concert 2009, Napa Valley (John Brackett Photography)

Gary Bruno with custom 16-B 7-String

Benedetto with Jeff Linksy with his new BAMBINO (#453400) at the Fender booth, NAMM Jan 2000

Ted Shumate with BENNY model - Photography by Panama City FL Gallery 2013

Knut Richter of Germany with his 1995 Manhattan #34695 Dec 2014

Bobby Whitlock, Homosassa Springs, FL 1978

Barry Greene, Savannah Jazz Festival 2015 (Susan Stanton photo)

Chris Buzzelli

Sid Jacobs with Bravo

Andy MacKenzie on 7-string, Benedetto Players concert 1998

Duquesne's Mark Koch with Bravo model - photo by Sarah Koch

Clint Strong with Bambino Deluxe. Greg Westhall photo

Dan Faehnle on his 16-B with Pink Martino (Tim Nishimoto photo, Beacon Theatre, New York)

Mark White, Berklee College of Music, Gilette Stadium 2013

Ned Boynton with BRAVO Caffe Trieste 2010

Vic Juris with Benny, April 2010

Fast Eddie Preman with Benny, NJ

Dave Stryker with GA-35, 2018

Jimmy Bruno Johnny Smith Tribute 1999 NYC

Stunning Howard Alden portrait - Bob Barry Photography from

Franco Altissimi, Italy, with Cremona

Pat Martino shines at the Jazz Showcase Chicago 2010

Adrian Ingram at Chris' Jazz Cafe Philly 1996 - Jimmy Bruno photo

NYC guitarist/writer Alan de Mause with 1983 custom Benedetto 7-String (carved top, semi-hollow double cutaway) in 1993

Steve Knight performs on his custom Benedetto 16-B in NYC Oct 2014

Chuck Wayne with 1982 custom Benedetto - Gene DeNovi photo

Legendary Stephane Grappelli with Benedetto Violin #140 Paris France 1993 - photo by Joseph Oldenhove de Guertechin

Martin Taylor with custom Cremona - GAIA Records Promo photo circa 1988

John Pizzarelli's All of Me CD (BMI Music 1991) featuring his custom Benedetto 7-String

Earl Klugh and Rik Jonna with their custom twin Benedetto's, 1995

David O'Rourke with custom BENNY, 2016 - Frank Scott Photography

Johnnie Valentino and Bambino, 2009

Giuseppe Continenza with Cremona model, Italy

Randy Johnston with custom Benny circa 2003

Joe Jewell and benny

Doug Neel with custom Benny

Wayne Wilkinson with Ben-bino in 2016

Roland Balogh with a custom Bravo Deluxe 2017

Brian Nova with Bravo Elite

Bill Neale with Benny model at the Studio, The Villages, Florida where Bill is Musical Director

Jackson Evans with his BRAVO model

"King" Solomon Hicks with GA-35 at the Iridium Nov 2017 - Arnie Goodman Photography

Romero Lubambo with custom 16-B

Cal Collins, Denison University, 1999 photo by John Kayse

Taylor Roberts

Ronnie Rose with Bravo and Carino-10 amp, Clearwater, FL 2014

LH Dickert, Jazz Guitar, Winthrop University plays a Bravo Deluxe, 2012

Larry Baione, Berklee College of Music Jazz Guitar Chairman, 2014

Royce Campbell with Fratello model

Sandy DeVito with Bravo, San Diego

Rolf Jardemark with Bravo - photo by Ante Flygare

Ted Shumate with BENNY model - Photography by Panama City FL Gallery 2013

Ulf Wakenius

Joe Diorio's 1980 BONITA album

Isaac Chatfield with Bambino Elite NYC

Mauro de Federicis with Bambino model

Jack Wilkins with his signature Jack Wilkins model, 2013

Jan Kuiper with Bambino Deluxe, Jazz Podium photo by sju jazz

Garrison Fewell, Jazz at the Green Room, 2014

Gypsy jazz great Frank Vignola performs on his signature Benedetto 'Frank Vignola' model with the Les Paul Trio circa 2006

Jack Petersen performs on his FRATELLO, Prescott, Arizona photo by Laura Riggs 2013

Larry Camp plays a Bravo Deluxe

Ron Eschete with Benny 7-String. Bob Barry photo circa 1999

GIT's Les Wise with his 1980 Cremona (photo from his Be Bop Bible)

Joe Braccio with Cremona model, Clearwater Guitar Gallery, Clearwater Florida 1981

Kenny Burrell with his signature Kenny Burrell model (#41798) at Wolf Trap, June 1998 Photo by Hugh Talman

Danny McKnight with 16-B 7-string (#S2145). Pin Lim photo

Dan Sumner sports his spalted BENNY 2014

Chris Standring with Bambino. 2014

Chris Standring, Pat Kelly, Howard Paul, Frank Potenza, USC Thornton School of Music, Jan 2012

Chip Henderson at Festival Intl de Guitarra Cartagena in Columbia. Oct 2014

Berklee College of Music's Jon Wheatley on his BRAVO 7-String

Susan Carson with custom Sinfonietta 2014

Joel Cross with his BRAVO model

Gerry Beaudoin with Bravo 7-String 2014

Tim May on Americana model Nov 2009

Duquesne's Bill Purse with Bambino Deluxe 7-String photo by Lynn Purse

Beth Marlis with her Bambino Elite Photo by Kathleen Clark

Battista Lena with Bravo model, 2012

Andreas Oberg with custom Plumburst BRAVO (Guitar Universe)

With Jack Cecchini (with Cremona model) NAMM 1980, Chicago

Lefteris Christofis with Bravo 40th Anniversary. Photo by George Krik, Greece

Andy Summers with his Cremona model, 1997

Pittsburgh's Treasure, Joe Negri