Bucky Pizzarelli was our first Benedetto Player (since 1978).


Bucky Pizzarelli was our first Benedetto Player. Bob made his first (of several) 7-String in 1978!

In the early 80s through 1999, John Pizzarelli played his father’s first Benedetto and later a custom 7-string Bob made him in 1992.

Here are some great archival photos from over the years!



Bucky Pizzarelli & John Pizzarelli. The dynamic duo on Benedetto 7-strings, circa 1980. This is, to us, a "classic" (and classy!) Pizzarelli Portrait.

Polly Harrison with Bucky Pizzarelli, Joseph Oldenhove de Guertechin and Stephane Grappelli San Antonio TX 1992

In a Mellow Tone CD with Alden and Pizzarelli (Concord, 2004) https://www.allaboutjazz.com/in-a-mellow-tone-howard-alden-concord-music-group-review-by-mitchell-seidel.php

Bucky Pizzarelli circa 1980 www.gerd-jordan.de photo

Bucky and John Pizzarelli with Zoot Sims Waterloo Festival 1983 - Frank K. Costa photo

Like father like son - Bucky and John Pizzarelli with Benedettos circa 1984

John Pizzarelli's P.S. Mr. Cole is a tribute album with brother Martin Pizzarelli on double-bass and Ray Kennedy on piano (RCA Victor 1999)

All in the Family: John and Martin Pizzarelli early 90s

John Pizzarelli circa 1991 with Benedetto 7-string

John Pizzarelli's All of Me CD (BMI Music 1991) featuring his custom Benedetto 7-String

Bucky Pizzarelli solos at 2014 Miner Benedetto Concert - Mike Oria Photography

With Tony Mottola and Bucky Pizzarelli, NJ, April 1980

The HOOK Music Issue, Jan. 2014

with Stephane Grappelli in San Antonio, 1992. Photo courtesy Polly & Hank Harrison

Statesmen of Jazz, 2010

with Mark Koch, Duquesne University Benedetto Clinic, 2011

With Howard Alden and Frank Vignola at the Iridium NYC 2013

Duquesne University, 2010

With Dave Miner August 2011 Miner Benedetto Concert (Mike Oria photo)

Ruth Pizzarelli and Cindy Benedetto, Saddle River NJ, 1995 - photo by Emiko Okamura

Bucky plays the Vinodetto II at Miner Wines, 2008. Photo by John Brackett for a Bill Doyle video.

Bucky performs on the Vinodetto II at Miner Family Winery - 2008 John Brackett Photo for a Bill Doyle video

The Jazz Corner, Hilton Head, April 2005

Smithsonian Institution honors Bucky Pizzarelli (with Bob and Randall Kremer)

Savannah shop, Nov 2011

with Bill Doyle at Miner Family Winery 2008

Miner Benedetto Concert 2009

Recording for Paul McCartney CD in 2012

photo by Jack Vartoogian

closeup of Bucky's headstock - Miner Benedetto Concert 2011 (Mike Oria Photo)

Fretboard Journal Feb 2014

47th West Texas Jazz Society, May 2013

with Stephane Grappelli, Umbria Jazz Festival, 1994

Ciao-ing down in East Stroudsburg PA 1997

Miner Benedetto Concert 2008 with Howard Paul

Miner Benedetto Wine Release Concert 2009 - Mike Oria photo

Backstage at Savannah Music Festival April 2004

Alden and Pizzarelli at Newport Festival 2007

Howard Alden, Bucky Pizzarelli and Frank Vignola photo by Ruth Pizzarelli

Bucky Pizzarelli (far rt) with Tony Mottola, Frank Sinatra and Perry Como at the Reagan White House 1981

Bucky Pizzarelli and Gerry Beaudoin circa 1998

Bucky Pizzarelli, Howard Alden, Herb Ellis & Billy Bauer circa mid 1990s

Bucky Pizzarelli and Pearl Django 2014

Sandy DeVito and Bucky Pizzarelli, San Diego February 2014

LOVE SONGS - Bucky Pizzarelli classic vinyl album, 1981 Stash Records

Newport Jazz Festival 2013 - George Wein archival photo with Bucky Pizzarelli

Bucky Pizzarelli: A Pro's Approach to Melody and Chord Playing

Howard Paul, Ben Tucker and Bucky Pizzarelli November 2012

Barney Kessel and Bucky Pizzarelli 1989

Polly Harrison and Bucky Pizzarelli, San Antonio circa 1992

Howard Alden and Bucky Pizzarelli at the 2010 Djangofest

Bucky Pizzarelli with Chuck Bene' and George Argila 1984

Bucky Pizzarelli at Napa Jazz 2010 (Mike Oria Photography)

Bucky Pizzarelli's 1998 CD, Nirvana

John and Bucky Pizzarelli on Benedetto 7-strings, 1987

Bucky Pizzarelli (with Benedetto Carino-12 amp) at the 2014 Colorado Springs Jazz Party

Bucky Pizzarelli (with his signature model) at his 89th birthday 2015