John and Bucky with Cindy, Benedetto home in East Stroudsburg, PA, June 1992

Benedetto Players Concert, Melville, NY, May 17, 1997 photo by John Buscarino: Back row: Gerry Beaudoin, Ed and Phyllis Benson, Andy MacKenzie, Cindy & Bob Benedetto, Randall Kremer (Smithsonian Institution). Front row: Jack Wilkins, Howard Alden, Jimmy Bruno, Frank Vignola, and Adrian Ingram. Not shown: Andy Summers

Smithsonian Institution Blue Guitar Collection commemorative postcard featuring the Benedetto La Cremona Azzurra

John and Bucky Pizzarelli with Zoot Sims, Waterloo Jazz Festival, New Jersey, 1983

Concord Jazz Recording Artist Jimmy Bruno with Benedetto Manhattan, circa 1994

Bucky Pizzarelli 1981 Love Songs album autographed to Bob and Cindy

Bucky Pizzarelli Love Songs 1981 (Stash Records), great liner notes by Bill Farrar

Bucky Pizzarelli Love Songs Stash Records, 1981

Ron Eschete A Closer Look Concord Records 1994 liner notes by Jim Ferguson

Ron Eschete A Closer Look Concord Jazz 1994 CD liner notes

Ron Eschete A Closer Look, Concord Jazz, 1994, featuring Ron's Benedetto 7-String

Jimmy Bruno 1994 Burnin' CD great liner notes from Grammy nominated Jim Ferguson, Concord Jazz Records

Jimmy Bruno Concord Jazz Burnin' CD, 1994, featuring his Benedetto Manhattan model

Ron Eschete Christmas Impressions, Bainbridge Records, 1986, recorded with Benedetto 7-String guitar. Great liner notes!

Ron Eschete Christmas Impressions CD, Brainbridge Records, 1986

John Pizzarelli's 1991 All of Me promotional postcard sent to Bob and Cindy Benedetto, Feb 1992

John Pizzarelli's 1991 All of Me CD (BMG Music/Nova RCA Records) with one of Bucky's earliest Benedetto 7-strings

Autographed Bucky Pizzarelli press portrait featuring his original 1978 Benedetto 7-String

Autographed Joe Diorio 20th Century Impressions album produced by Joe Felix, circa 1980. Great liner notes!

Joe Diorio 20th Century Impressions (with Jeff Berlin and Vin Colaiuta) circa 1980.

Jimmy Bruno with 1998 Benny-7 with jazz burst finish, 1999 - Rich Raezer photo

Jack Wilkins Jack Guitar Workshop video cover proof

Jack Wilkins with his 1988 Fratello at the Benedettos home, East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, 1992

Jack Wilkins 1990s memorabilia

Part of Bob's pick collection! (including 2018 50th Anniversary Benedetto Picks)

Concord Jazz Records Benedetto Guitar sweepstakes to promote the release of the Concord Jazz Guitar Collective CD, 1995

Jack Wilkins plays Benedetto La Cremona Azzurra as Don DeMarco looks on at the May 1996 Chinery Blue Guitar Party, Toms River, New Jersey

2X7=Pizzarelli, 1980 father/son recording from Stash Records

2X7=Pizzarelli, a 1980 father/son 7-string album from Stash Records. John plays his father's original Benedetto 7-string.

Bucky Pizzarelli wine bottle painting, a gift to the Benedetto's in early 1980s, Clearwater, Florida

Concord Jazz Recording Artist Howard Alden Take Your Pick CD, 1997

Color photo from 1992 photo shoot by Jonathan Levin for Making an Archtop Guitar

1992 photo proofs from Making an Archtop Guitar by Robert Benedetto

Letter, photo and Vintage Guitar magazine review of Making an Archtop Guitar

Archtop construction photo from 1994 Making an Archtop Guitar by Robert Benedetto

Benedetto25th Anniversary Model featured in 1994 Making an Archtop Guitar

Making an Archtop Guitar by Robert Benedetto 1994 Press Release

Making an Archtop Guitar by Robert Benedetto, 1994, proof sheet

1999 Cafe Benedetto Jazz Guitar Concert Tickets and press

Howard Alden Trio Misterioso Concord Jazz cassette tape 1990s

1996 Vintage Guitar magazine review of Concord Jazz Guitar Collective

Cal Collins Herb Ellis Interplay, Concord Jazz 1981 (Cal plays his Cremona model)

Jimmy Bruno autographed Concord Jazz CDs

Autographed Jimmy Bruno Trio, Live at Birdland, Concord Jazz, 1997

Jack Wilkins, String Jazz Records CD, England

John Pizzarelli My Blue Heaven, Chesky Records, 1990

Jimmy Bruno, Sleight of Hand, Concord Jazz, 1990s

John Pizzarelli New Standards, BMG/RCA Records 1997

John Pizzarelli New Standards, 1995, RCA Records, featuring his custom 7-string

John Pizzarelli New Standards, BMG/ RCA Records, 1997

Ron Eschete Concord Jazz Rain or Shine, 1995.

Ron Eschete Rain or Shine, Concord Jazz, 1995

Howard Alden, Take Your Pick, Concord Jazz Records 1997 (cover photo with his LaVenezia model)

Jimmy Bruno and Joe Beck Polarity CD, Concord Records, 2000

circa 2008 Benedetto Guitars Christmas card designed by Gina Benedetto

Miner Benedetto Wine Release Concert, Napa Valley, memorabilia from 2005, 2007 and 2009

Cindy Benedetto (with Gibson Blue Guitar), Tal Farlow (with Benedetto Blue Cremona) and Bob Benedetto, Scott Chinery Blue Guitar party, May, 1996, Toms River, NJ

Autographed Joe Diorio photograph circa 1980, Augi LoPrinzi, Joe Diorio and Bob Benedetto, NAMM Show, Atlanta, 1979. Photo by Art Schmidt

Howard Alden and Frank Vignola, Benedetto Players Concert on Long Island, 2000

Blue Guitar photos: Martino Taylor, Benedetto cutting sound hole, Scott Chinery and Johnny Smith, Blue Guitar poster, all featuring the Benedetto LA CREMONA AZZURRA

Jimmy Bruno Live at Birdland Concord Jazz CD release, 1997

1997 Letter to jazz guitar journalist/author Jim Fisch on Jimmy Bruno's two Benedetto 7-strings

Scott Chinery, Bob Miles and Bob Benedetto World of Guitar video, October 1997 in Toms River, NJ

Smithsonian Blue Guitars commemorative poster autographed to Bob and Cindy Benedetto by Scott Chinery, PA Guitar Show

Bucky Pizzarelli with first Benedetto 7-String, 1978. Photo by Mary Pizzarelli, Saddle River, New Jersey

December 2019 letter to Patrick

Jimmy Bruno Joe Beck POLARITY CD, Concord Records, 2000

Various Benedetto Players Jazz Guitar Instructional books

Joe Diorio CD We Will Meet Again, 1993

Howard Alden Acoustic Guitar magazine feature, 1997

Howard Alden Concord Jazz Records Take Your Pick 1997 CD release

Jimmy Bruno Burnin' CD, Concord Jazz Records, 1994

Benedetto Bucky Pizzarelli ebony tailpiece

NAMM Foundation's NonProfit Management Institute Certificate of completion for Dr. PATRICK WOLLNY, Benedetto Guitars Archives Collection

Jack Wilkins portrait with Benedetto Fratello model

Tony Mottola, Bob Benedetto and Bucky Pizzarelli, Randolph, NJ, 1980

Jimmy Bruno and Howard Alden, Chris' Jazz Cafe Philly, April 1997- Rich Raezer photo

Concord Jazz Guitar Collective's Howard Alden, Frank Vignola and Jimmy Bruno with Bob Benedetto, Jimmy's house, Philly, 1990s (Photo by Rich Raezer)

The Frank and Joe Show, Hyena Records (Frank Vignola and Joe Ascione)

Benedetto Players!

Scott Chinery and Bob Benedetto with LA CREMONA AZZURRA, Toms River, NJ, April 1996