Bob Benedetto and Pat Martino Benedetto Guitars Savannah 2009 Howard Paul and Kirk Yano look-on (posted on Instagram)

Pat Martino's FORMIDABLE

Pat Martino and his lovely wife Aya

Pat Martino Feb 2016

Damon Mailand and Pat Martino at Pat's home in Philly Oct 2014

Pat Martino rehearsal with Pat Bianchi Carmen Intorre & James Carter WKPLU 2013


Pat Martino model in the works, Savannah, 2011

Pat and Aya Martino, Cotton Club October 2009

Featured in Japan's JAZZ GUITAR BOOK Volume 35 Sept 2013

Pat Martino at the Blue Note in Japan, March 2014

Jazz legend Pat Martino and his signature Benedetto model - photos by Mark Sheldon

Pat with Carmen Intorre on drums

Pat Martino at Joe Diorio's 75th Birthday 2011 in NYC - photo by Carlini Group

Master Luthier Damon Mailand inspects Pat Martino S2177 April 2014 - Stephanie Ward photo

Pat Martino with Benedetto PM Signature model

Howard Paul and Bob Benedetto, 2009

Pat Martino models in the works Feb 2011

Pat Martino and Bob Benedetto, Savannah, 2009

Benedetto Player PAT MARTINO, 2014

Pat Martino shines at the Jazz Showcase Chicago 2010