Rodney Jones workshop at Snow College, 2018

Chico Pinheiro, Rodney Jones and Romero Lubambo, Julliard, 2017

Rodney Jones photo by Matthew Parrish

Julliard School of Music group shot with Romero Lubambo, Chico Pinheiro, Howard Paul and Rodney Jones, flanked by two students, April 2017

May 2020 Jazz Guitar Today feature story on Rodney Jones, by Bob Bakert

Rodney Jones

Rodney Jones and Chico Pinheiro, 2018

Rodney Jones' personal Bambino Deluxe Natural and Espresso. Photo by Stephanie Ward

Rodney Jones at the Zinc Bar

Blues in the Night, 92nd Street YMCA Performance

Rodney Jones with his Benedetto Bambino Deluxe