Romero relaxes at Dave Miner's cocktail party, pre 50th Anniversary Benedetto Guitars Concert, March 29, 2018, Savannah Music Festival. Cheers!

Julliard, April 2017

Romero with Howard Paul, Savannah

Savannah Music Festival, March 2018

Romero with Chico Pinheiro at rehearsal for 50th Anniversary Benedetto Concert March 2018 at Dave Miner's home, Savannah

Romero and Chico Pinheiro Savannah Music Festival 2018, Benedetto Guitar 50th Anniversary Concert

Damon Mailand and Romero Lubambo, Miner Benedetto Concert, Miner Wines, 2018. Mike Oria Photography

Romero and his new guitar May 2016


Romero Lubambo with 16-B