“In 1983, with customary Italian flair and intensity, Benedetto threw himself into the study of violin lutherie. He even studied the Italian language so as to understand his source material more thoroughly. During the next four years, Benedetto devoted himself almost exclusively to violinmaking, the only archtop guitarmaker ever to do so. Following this period, his archtop guitars took on a new lease on life. They were equal, and some might say superior, to the very best examples of archtop thus far produced. The period of intense scrutiny and searching which resulted from Benedetto’s foray into violinmaking had, as intuitively suspected, elevated his archtops to a peak of achievement which has yet to be surpassed by any other maker.”

Adrian Ingram, quoted from “Robert Benedetto: The Art of the Archtop Guitar”,  Acoustic Musician magazine, December 1994.

Since 1983, Benedetto has handmade 45 violins and 5 violas.

Robert Benedetto Violin No 149 made in East Stroudsburg PA 1997 gallery photo april 2014 smaller

Top photo caption: Stephane Grappelli with his 1987 Benedetto violin #140 at his home in Paris, France, 1993

Bottom left: Violin Virtuoso Michele Ramo with his Benedetto Violin, New York, Oct. 22, 2011. Photo by Jeffrey Hertzlich.

Bob Benedetto Jim Warren, Bob Bragg Ocala FL 3-19-14Robert Benedetto Violin No 149 made in East Stroudsburg PA 1997 gallery photo April 2014Benedettofingerplanesonbenedettograppelliviolin Photo by Jon LevinMaster Luthier Robert Benedetto with 1983 Benedetto violin #102 (5-15-2014) cbBob and Cindy Benedetto with Stephane Grappelli backstage Morristown NJ 1995Grappelli with Benedetto violinGrappelliPlaysBenedettoViolin_Paris1993Pizzarelli Grappelli Definitive Black and Blue Sessions CD Nice France 1979benedettoviolinsminerwine5-13-10_2